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Abombuso Group of Companies

Abombuso is a household name, a diversified Company, with interests in different Sectors. We are a Group of Companies, trading as Abombuso Investment Group, with fast-growing We focus on the major sectors and industries, such as:





Real Estate


Food Productions


Current Divisions

Abombuso Group of Companies

Benefit Schemes

Poultry and Beef

Retail Stores

Luxury Homes

Matric & Driving

Construction & Hospitality


Our Services

Retail Stores

The 4th Industrial Revolution comes with a lot of opportunities, and new ways to reach out to customers. In response to that, Abombuso introduces online store, to market, retail and distribute a range of products and commodities accross South Africa.

We are launching reliable Warehouses, to store the different goods, to deliver to our Nationwide customers' doorsteps.

Our Insurance Plans

We have Abombuso Benefit Scheme, which is our affordable funeral plans, and gives different products to different clients, according to their affordability.


Poultry & Meat Production


This is one of our leading Divisions, operating in the entire value chain of the Poultry sector, from Egg Laying Hens, Egg Production, Broiler Production, Incubation and Hatchery, Frozen Chicken Supply and Poultry Equipment.

Beef Production

We specialise in Weaners production for the market, and supply them to the Abbatoirs and customers who intend to breed Cattle.

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Luxury Homes

As a Company that is inspired by beauty, excellence and opulence, our luxury homes division, gives our clients all the solutions, from architectural designs, building, interior and furnishing of the their homes. Only Luxury is our speciality in this sector.

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(+27)33 815 1354

79 Peter Kerchhoff Street, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, 2057

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